Entertainment, contractual and financial value can now be exchanged in one digital unit; the NFT. Data from streaming services and social media had made music an attractive investment vehicle for the wealthiest in the world. Now, MODA DAO removes those middlemen to increase value between creators and fans in ways never seen before.

infrastructure icon

Music3 Infrastructure
and creator tools

Tools to progress the entire Web3/Music3 space

// Audio-fingerprinting on-chain
// Automated digital contracts
// Meta-data standards
// Legacy industry bridge
// Cross-chain interoperability

publishing icon

dPub - A publishing ecosystem for Music3

The missing piece of the blockchain music puzzle

// Decentralized publishing
// Automated collection agency
// Decentralized finance
// Fractional ownership framework
// Creative grants

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MODA Innovation Lab

Innovation and R&D in the hands of Artists and MODA holders

// Pre-release music hype market
// UGC micro-licensing
// Artist tokens
// Song tokens
// Technical and creative grants

moda value model

The MODA Value Model

Designed to give token holders exposure to the MODA DAO ecosystem at 3 levels

pink dot

Layer 1: The MODA Network Layer

MODA publishing will earn revenue from any song it administers, revenue will be split three ways between the artists, the rewards pool and token buy-backs to support continual growth, governance and liquidity.

blue dot

Layer 2: The Artist Layer

A level deeper, members may be able to 'back' certain artists as a way to signal support, increase their exposure, reputation and ranking. In some cases, artists may choose to return rewards in the form of artist tokens, NFTs or MODA rewards.

gray dot

Layer 3: The Song Layer

At the song layer, members get behind new songs before they are released as a way of increasing their visibility and share in the rewards. Backing a song could mean receiving NFTs, certain licensing rights and trading as new Music Genesis NFTs are bought from the marketplace.

moda value model