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sean gardner
Sean Gardner
Blockchain Music / Co-Founder
Blockchain Music Pty Ltd / Emanate


Sean is an award winning creative technologist and entrepreneur. Working between media, art and technology for over a decade, he has spent four years at the intersection of blockchain and music. Sean's passion for music was handed down by his mother; revered Scottish-born New Zealand-based folk singer and song-writer, Isabella Miller Bell.

What do you love most about music?

Music gives my life meaning. I truly cannot imagine a world without it, music is one of the most powerful forces operating through all aspects of culture, society, politics and life itself. Music is my true love and the opportunity I have had to combine my love of music with my passion for technology and innovation over the last few years has been a blessing.

Over the years, what has frustrated you the most about the music business?

I’ve seen over the years just how much independent artists suffer and how much the music industry system is rigged against them. In the last four years I’ve experienced firsthand how complicated the geographically penned deals are and how much opportunity goes out the window because contracts are too rigid. Overall it’s clear to me that much better technology solutions are available to us in the music industry and I guess that’s why I've dedicated the last four years towards building the solutions.

Why are you excited about the concept of 'Music3' and MODA DAO?

I’ve been excited about Web3 and music since I first read about smart-contracts in 2017, but this year things really ramped up with NFTs bursting onto the scene and getting mainstream attention. My focus has shifted now to the real change that we can make in the music business using this technology. I’m most excited about how open minded everyone is now that the door has been smashed down and I'm extremely excited about the group of people that are coming together for MODA. It’s open and it’s exciting to see where it will go.

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