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matt brown
Matt Brown
Audio Engineer / Music Technology Consultant


Matt is an electrical engineer and musician. With a background in audio signal processing, artificial intelligence, electronics and software engineering, Matt is an audio algorithm advisor to MODA. Matt first got into audio technology as a teenager through writing film and jazz music for the school orchestra.

He often wondered, wouldn’t it be great if you could take out a microphone, record any song and get the sheet music for it? Five years later, he graduated with honours in electrical engineering at UNSW, majoring in audio signal processing. He wrote his patented engineering thesis on polyphonic music transcription - software that can to transcribe up to six simultaneously played notes.Matt has over seven years experience working on audio signal processing algorithms. Working at Cochlear, Matt built technology to help deaf people hear music for the first time.

At Dolby, Matt worked on spatial audio teleconferencing systems and smart-home wake word detection technology.

Today, Matt now uses the skills he gathered along the way to run Step-In CTO - a Sydney-based technology consultancy specialising in building turn-key technology for startups. In 2021, Step-In CTO and MODA are in collaboration building a novel acoustic fingerprinting algorithm.

This technology will allow users to upload their content to the platform and in return, an acoustic fingerprint is produced. This fingerprint contains the key elements of the work, such that an artist could have their content correctly recognised and in turn, proportional royalty paid.

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